Meet the Artist

Jon Piatt



Wood is my primary medium. Actually, I started out as a laborer, digging a trench around an indoor pool. On the same job, less than two years later, I was building that client an entire kitchen. Since then, through many friendships and downright awesome people, I have been able to cultivate a great woodworking business, where creativity, quality, and beauty can seamlessly integrate throughout each piece. I am continuously learning, pushing not only my limits, but also the limits of each build. It’s what I do and it’s my passion.

To call Jon a woodworker does not do him justice. He is an artist, and his medium is wood.

Each creation is not just a project. It represents a relationship between myself, and a customer that has trusted me to bring their dreams to life. Because of this, I am extremely lucky to have come across some amazing relationships over the years, and even luckier to have them result in some incredible builds along the way. I’d love to say it was all me, but it truly wouldn’t be possible without the insight and passion I pull from each client, or from the support of the many other talented craftsman, from metal workers to upholsterers, that help me elevate my projects to whole other levels.


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